Nora Swann + Co

Nora Swann + Co

I recently launched the Nora Swann + Co squad events for my Personal & Professional styling clients.

I wanted to create a community allowing like minded women to connect, switch off from the hustle and bustle of life and ‘just be’.

These gorgeous women are from all walks of life who I’ve connected with as we shared the same mantra – “to be the best versions of ourselves.”

It has been an honour to get to know all of my clients on a personal level as I’ve helped them refine either their personal or professional images; so my squad events bring us all together as fashion enthusiasts to talk all things ‘fashion’.


My launch took place at TAV Pacific and was in partnership with TAV Pacific and Samala Robinson Academy where my squad was treated to a colour consultation & beauty demonstrations, discounts on TAV products and other goodies.

I look forward to running more Nora Swann + Co events, introducing more fashion and beauty products and services to my clients.