Wardrobe Consultant


Host a styling party for your staff, colleagues’ and friends and enjoy
a fun night filled with laughter! Set the mood with some delish food
and bubbly, some smooth sounds and top it off with your
very own Personal Stylist.

Our commercial and corporate fashion styling sessions are
perfect for your organisation’s professional image and team building.

I can customise your party to suit your requirements.
Here are just some ideas:

Wardrobe Stylist Near Me

Colour Party

Determine which colours accentuate your natural features, learn how many colours you should wear per outfit, where to position colours in your outfits etc
Personal Wardrobe Stylist Near Me

Accessories Party

Bring all your accessories and let’s discuss how many pieces you can wear in one outfit, how to proportion them correctly so you don’t look too chunky (unless you like chunky!) etc.….
Commercial Fashion Styling

Wardrobe Party

Pick a theme and get all your friends to bring 5x pieces from their own wardrobes and have a wardrobe consultant give you some fresh new ideas on how to wear these pieces, how to mix and match etc.…
Personal Stylist Consultation

Body Shape Party

Understanding your body shape. Let a Personal Stylist teach you how to work with silhouettes that will flatter your body and have you walking with confidence in no time!


You can have a mixture of these in your styling party. Tell me what you are after, and I’ll bring it to life.
As the host you will receive extra goodies. Minimum numbers required to attend.
Corporate Styling


Nora offers consultancy services to television and print advertising campaigns, music videos, concert performances, celebrities, models, public figures, and retail stores that transform a brand’s image. Her focal responsibilities are to select the clothing and accessories and work in collaboration with a variety of creatives to put together looks or themes for specific projects.
Stylist For Women
Personal Stylist Consultation


Nora facilitates workshops within corporate and community environments that enable her to assist individuals to better understand the importance of first impressions and a groomed appearance.
Your confidence and performance are ratedependent on your self-image and it is Nora’s role to educate, motivate and empower you so your image is a true representation of self-embodiment yet still in accordance with your workplace or industry standard. These workshops can be tailored to suit the needs of the individual organisations